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Mayin-A platform for showcasing designers and their creations.

“Mayin”, in the Rig Veda signifies, the Creator of the Universe and consequently the creator of Maya.
The Sanskrit meaning of Mayin is the one who has the art & skill of enchantment, representing Hindu Gods Brahma and Shiva.

Mayin is also another name of Lord Krishna because veiled by his divine Maya, he is not revealed to all.
True to its meaning this portal has been created to celebrate and showcase the web of beautiful, worldly & stylish offerings that creative women entrepreneurs have spun for us to enjoy.


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Mayin- Background

The Founder Punya Bhandari Haruray is a Feminist, and a proud one! It is at her behest that this web portal has been created and is the property of M/s actuate and operated by the actuate team.

Women today are no longer confined to just being professionals; they are bubbling with the excitement of starting something of their own! When I say ‘professionals’, I regard being a homemaker or being a mother as ‘Professional’ as being a teacher, doctor, chartered Accountant or a CEO of a company. While the Guys are turning more risk averse and engrossed in building the safety net in their family business or their corporate jobs, the Girls are ready to take the plunge. Media can write all about the safety or rather how unsafe women in India are; I would rather celebrate the success of my Gender!
With this backdrop, I introduce my web portal- Mayin – a Sanskrit word meaning creator of Maya, or how WiKi puts it- as a “life Giver”; a god responsible for giving souls to new born babies!

Not saying that I am a God of any sort, this name just caught my fancy as I want my blog to be a platform to showcase budding female entrepreneurs. Every second friend of mine is ‘starting something of her own’ and I want to take this opportunity to salute this spirit.

Punya Bhandari Haruray

About the Founder

Punya Bhandari Haruray is a young banker by profession. She has done her Masters in Finance & Investments from the University of Nottingham, United Kingdom after pursuing B .Com Hons from the Hindu College, University of Delhi and her schooling from Springdales School in Delhi.
She has had the benefit of closely observing fashion trends and has an incredible aesthetic sense that has developed with exposure to varied settings, cultures and countries. She is a connoisseur of good taste has an innate ability to recognize and appreciate creativity and admire creative people.
She is constantly interacting and getting to know as many creative women as possible and uses her free time to blog about them. She aims to create awareness amongst women entrepreneurs of the value they are adding in putting together beautiful and elegant creations for the benefit of those who have an eye for exquisite and unique styles.

The Founder Punya Bhandari Haruray is a Feminist, and a proud one!


Silken Box a creator of designer fashion accessories brings to the discerning customers an exclusive collection of clutch handbags, evening bags, pouch bags and other fashion adornments.

Each piece is tastefully crafted and produced in limited quantity to ensure exclusivity. Materials used include rich Indian Silk, elegant Zardozi work, a variety of attractive fabrics encased in metal, wood and many other.

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Designer & Manufacture of pure Pashminas, Promoting hand woven, hand embroidered traditional pashminas as well as machine made fine Pashmina fabric.
Special exclusive JAMAVARS & age old Iranian & mughal design with breath taking colours and abundant warmth is what is provided.


'“ADI” By Aditya Khandelwal is an amalgamation of creative bursts of innovation and design to assemble a niche high end collection appealing to the masses that are on the lookout for style statement masterpieces.


We have a full range of hand-made soaps with natural extracts and essential oils under the brand Herbiva. This bathing bar is enriched with luxurious essential oils of healing herbs, that nourish, soothe and pamper the skin with heavenly fragrances and reinvigorate the senses as also have anti-inflammatory properties. Our complete range has exotic blends of Rose Geranium , Haldi Chandan, Rose Saffron, Multani Mitti, Beeswax & Honey being a a few to mention.