Wavy hair is a beautiful hair type to have. Waves can support a variety of looks, from carefree and beachy to sleek and classy. This hair type has always been a popular amongst celebrities and beauty influencers for decades. It’s the perfect balance between curly and straight hair, and it’s a simple to-do style that looks great all year-round.

Wavy hair is often thought of distinct from curly hair due to its subtle curl pattern and treated as rebellious straight hair that must be flat ironed into submission.  Wavy hair is a type of curly hair, however, and as such needs to be given a fair shot to shine as its own beautiful hair type. This may be a great hair type to have, but it can also to be difficult to take care. Wavy hair can be experimented with to a large extent, if taken care of. We bring to you some tips to maintain a healthy set of wavy hair.

How to Wash:

  • Wavy hair doesn’t need to be washed as often as straight hair, as it tends to be drier. Wavy hair should be washed once every 3-4 days.


  • Buy a good shampoo. Use a shampoo that is made for wavy to curly hair. Look for shampoos that specifically say they are made for a wavy hair texture and will add bounce and/or definition to the waves. Do not use too much shampoo or shampoo too often. While shampooing, focus on the scalp and use a quarter-sized amount. Depending on how oily or dry the hair type is, wash once every other day or once every few days.


  • Use a sulfate-free shampoo specifically designed for wavy hair-types, as sulfates tend to cause frizz.


  • Pick the right conditioner. Along with buying a shampoo made for wavy hair, one should use a conditioner based on his/ her hair type as well. Select the conditioner that is paired with the chosen shampoo. Use an organic conditioner as alcohol tends to dry the hair. Make sure to use conditioner every time. Apply the conditioner to the mid-shaft through the ends of the hair. Conditioners made for curly hair can work for wavy hair as well.


  • Rinse with cold water. Hot showers feel great, but they are not good for the hair. Warm water is good to use to allow the shampoo and conditioner to work into the hair, but finishing shower with warm or hot water can dry it out. A cold shower will close the cuticles and help seal in the moisture from the shampoo and conditioner. In case it is not possible to take or end with a cold shower, use one cup of apple cider vinegar mixed with two cups of water and pour it over the wet hair. This will remove build-up from products and dandruff from the scalp.


  • Scrunch the hair. Hair scrunching is another way of making the waves look more prominent. Scrunch the hair once it is partially dry. Using a long finger diffuser is an excellent way to dry hair before scrunching because that will help to bring out the existing waves. Scrunching hair is a lot like crumpling paper, take a segment and crush it with the hands. See, how easy!!


  • Put hair in buns before bed. This will help maintain waves. Towel dry hair then apply a styling mousse, and then put hair in four twisted buns. This will help maintain soft curls for the morning.


  • Use a deep hair conditioning mask at least twice a week on clean wet hair to enhance your look.


Detangling wavy hair is a whole different ballgame than detangling straight hair. First rule: no brushes. Second: detangle only in the shower, with liberal amounts of conditioner. With the hair wet and evenly covered with conditioner, use either fingers or a wide-tooth comb to slowly work out any knots and tangles. Be gentle with the hair and don’t use force, as this could cause the hair to break. In our next article we will discuss the curly hair type. So keep reading…


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