In our last segment we discussed how to maintain healthy straight hair by proper washing, combing, etc. We covered almost all the external aspects to keep the straight hair healthy and manageable. It’s now time to discuss how we can maintain our flat mane perfectly smooth and lustrous by eating right and masking them with organic products.

The Best way to take care of our hair is to have a well-balanced diet. The good intake that we put inside will come through on our skin. Just like skin, the condition of our hair is an outward sign of inside health. The cells that make up each strand of hair require a regular supply of key nutrients. It is important to understand that our hair also requires a certain amount of vitamins and minerals. Feed on essential vitamins and keep ourselves hydrated for healthy hair.

Vitamin C – Produces collagen for strong natural hair and prevents breakage. Found in citrus fruits and leafy greens.

B-Complex Vitamins – Strengthens the keratin structure of hair and reduces hair loss. Found in eggs, nuts, and meat.

Vitamin E – Improves the flow of blood circulation in the scalp and promotes proper hair growth. Sources are almond oil, sunflower oil, butter, and olive oil.

Vitamin A – Supplements antioxidants and supports hair growth. Sources are butter, chicken liver, paprika, and carrot.

Vitamin D – Reinforces the hair follicles without the need to stay outside for a long time. Sources are fish, cheese, and eggs.

 Iron – Transports the oxygen and enhances circulation for strong hair follicles. Sources are soybeans, spinach, pumpkin seeds, and chocolate.

Internal hydration, together with external hydration, is the key to well-balanced and healthy hair. We may be using hydrating hair care products and oils, but drinking at least 3 litres of water every day ensures good hair health.

Now that we have eaten healthy diet it’s time to treat our hair with Organic Hair Masks. We can prepare these masks by simply mixing ingredients which are easily available at our homes. There are numerous advantages to utilizing an organic hair mask, and the advantages vary depending on the ingredients.

A Protein Hair Treatment With Eggs – Eggs are our hair’s best friend because they help nourish and repair damaged hair like a pro! They give our hair a glossy texture and can be used to straighten hair.

Step 1: Take a large bowl, crack 2 eggs in it and beat them well.

Step 2: Add around 3-4 tablespoons of olive oil and half a cup of flour.

Step 3: Stir all ingredients well and apply the paste to the hair.

Step 4: Leave the paste to dry and harden for a good 45-50 minutes.

Step 5: Wash it off using a mild shampoo and conditioner.

Pro tip – Never wash out an egg hair mask with hot water. The best method to wash off an egg mix is with cold water, and this will completely remove any odour from the hair mask.


Banana Mask – A good blend of banana, honey, and olive oil are great to improve hair manageability, shine, protect hair’s natural elasticity, and prevent breakage. This hair mask is perfect for dry and frizzy hair.

Step1: Slice a ripe banana and use a spoon to beat to form a paste.
Step 2: Empty the paste into a bowl and add 1 tablespoon of yogurt, 1 teaspoon of honey and lemon juice.
Step 3: Using fingertips or a brush, apply it all over the hair and leave it to dry for an hour or so.
Step 4: Wash it off with lukewarm water.

Ginger Mask – A ginger juice, lemon, and olive oil infusion will strengthen hair strands to combat hair loss and restore moisture. It is an ideal option to reduce dandruff. Green Tea And Aloe Vera Mask – Soak three green tea bags in a cup of hot water. After the water cools down, pour it over the scalp and rinse it properly for an hour. The antioxidants will enhance hair growth and also prevent hair fall.

Now that we have covered the straight hair we will shift our focus to the second hair type, i.e. wavy hair. So keep reading…




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