Tips for Maintaining Healthy Straight Hair

Tips for Maintaining Healthy Straight Hair

Straight hair is a dream for every woman to have because it is easy to style and to maintain; Straight hair is soft and movable, which makes it shinier and easier to keep it neat; It suits most people and it is cheaper to maintain than curly hair. The straight hair always looks elegant and is appropriate for all events. Most of the straight hairstyles involve long hair, but there are those shorter ones that look good too.

But don’t let the straight hair fool you – it may look simple and straightforward to style, but naturally straight hair takes plenty of care and upkeep. Straight hair does not curl easily and falls flat from the roots, all the way down to the ends. It is usually soft and silky. Women with the hair type tend to have oily scalps that cause the hair to get greasy evenly.  The top hair care tips for straight hair are as under:

  • Use lukewarm water. This is better than hot water. When hot water comes in contact with the scalp, it opens up the scalp pores which will strip off the natural hair oil and cause damaged hair cuticles. Lukewarm water is gentle on hair and keeps it from trying dry and flaky.
  • Use a sulphate-free shampoo. Sulphate is a harmful synthetic compound; regular use can result in the dry and itchy scalp.   helps you get rid of excess grease and dirt. Sulphate-free hair products can thoroughly clean hair and maintain its regular shine. Any shampoo or conditioner free of Sulphate will preserve natural and artificial hair colourings. Washing hair once in 2-3 days is recommended, unless scalp is extra greasy or due to other reasons.
  • Use a light conditioner and avoid using leave-in conditioners. They can weigh hair down and cause it to feel too heavy.  Pick a conditioner that contains oils like coconut or jojoba oil. This will keep hair nourished and soft, without weighing it down. Apply conditioner only to the shaft and avoid the roots. This will prevent it from falling flat and feeling too greasy as well. Use a volumizing mousse to damp hair, this prevents hair from falling flat at the roots.
  • Get the Right Brush. To prevent breakage, use the right brush at the right time. And for straight-haired ladies, that tool is a paddle brush. Never brush thick, straight hair with a paddle brush right out of the shower
  • Don’t Wrap Wet Hair Tightly In A Towel.  After every wash, use a towel to pat dry all the excess water and gently wrap a cotton cloth to soak in the rest. This will stop hair from breaking and falling off.
  • Quit Hot Blow-Drying. Regular use of a hair dryer can cause hair breakage and dryness. So, let hair dry naturally or with a cold air setting. On the same note, never sleep in wet hair. Harsh rubbing of soaked strands with the pillow can damage the cuticle of hair, thereby making it frizzy and tangled.
  • Style Hair Wisely. Constantly switching between straight hair too tight ponytails and braids will add stress to hair follicles. This also makes hair appear less straight and results in irreversible hair loss.
  • Cut Off The Loose Ends. Get rid of the damaged hair by trimming the split ends, eventually, to get natural and healthy hair growth.


From mastering the shampoo and conditioner routine to zapping frizz during styling, there’s plenty one can do to make her naturally straight hair happy and healthy. In our next segment we will share some healthy foods and organic masks for the straight hair. So keep reading….



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