Hair Care Routine- Basic Components For All Hair Type

Hair Care Routine- Basic Components For All Hair Type

Every woman craves for long, shiny, straight and smooth hair. Hair is one of the assets for women. To maintain the crowning glory we must follow a proper hair care routine depending on our hair type. Getting into a hair care routine is just like embarking on a skin care one.  A good hair care routine ensures that our hair stays nourished, healthy, frizz-free and strong – plus it shouldn’t take too long.

Hair care routine is beyond how often we wash our hair. The basics of how to build a hair care routine lies in the foundations of wash, dry, and style. We will start with few basic steps that every person can benefit from irrespective of their particular hair type:

Cleansing is a balance between removing things like dead skin without stripping the hair of its natural oils. Cleansing strands keeps the mane healthy looking and beautiful. Without a good wash, sebum will build up, leaving unwanted oiliness.

Here let’s also understand the difference between


While the end goal of hair cleansers and shampoo are the same, the major difference is their formula. Hair cleansers generally have a gentler, sulfate-free formula that won’t strip hair of its natural oils. This is particularly ideal for those with colour-treated strandsdry hair, or damaged hair.

Conditioners have myriad benefits, the main is moisturizing, but others include detangling, shininess, and frizz reduction. When hair is wet, this sticks to it, coating the strands to replenish the moisture that shampoo may have removed.

Detangling is essential for stopping breakage and for making our life a whole lot easier. An unsuitable comb and over-brushing can contribute to significant hair damage. The right tool to use, such as a wide-tooth comb, to avoid pulling hair out by mistake. Depending on the hair type, one may need to detangle every day or much less often.

Oiling hair once a week is essential to provide it with nutrients and hydration. This helps to provide nourishment to the follicles and strengthens our hair.

How To Massage:

  • Mix an essential oil with a carrier oil of choice.
  • Warm it and apply to the scalp.
  • Gently massage the oil into the scalp for 5 minutes and leave on for about an hour.
  • Rinse off using shampoo and lukewarm water.

Trimming Hair: No, trimming hair does not make it grow faster! What it can do though, is to make our hair appear healthier, softer and free of split ends. Trimming once in every 2-3 months is recommended.

Avoid Tying Hair Up Too Often:  Tying hair up can cause breakage and even result in hair loss eventually. This happens because the roots are constantly being pulled that eventually causes them to break.

Wash Hair With Cool Or Lukewarm Water: Hot water tends to strip off essential oils and moisture from the scalp. Use cool or lukewarm water to rinse hair.

Avoid Using Products That Produce Too Much Heat: Products that produce heat can damage hair, causing it to break eventually and appear dry, dull and frizzy. Whenever you use a product like this, make it a point to apply a heat protect-ant to reduce damage.

Maintaining a hair care routine based on hair type is important to keep it nourished, soft and healthy. This also prevents breakage and hair fall. How often we wash our hair is determined by factors such as our lifestyle, how greasy our hair is, and how often one stays out.

In our next segment we will be discussing hair care routine for straight hair in detail.  Damsels with straight hair do join us next week , keep reading…



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