It goes without saying that well-groomed feet are the mark of a proud and confident woman, and the opposite is not. Now that we are friendly with our pedicure kit, let’s get down to using them. There are many different types of pedicures with various steps; these are the essentials that they all have in common. 

Step 1:   Remove old polish. Remove any lingering polish with a cotton round and nail-polish remover.

Step 2:   Soak feet. Use foot bath if available or fill the tub or basin and relax. Let feet sit for five to 10 minutes to soften cuticles, then dry one foot at a time. Apply cuticle remover around the cuticles and onto heels to help smooth rough feet and remove calluses.

Step 3:   Trim and file your nails. Start with nail clippers to begin trimming. Don’t worry about perfecting the edges, file to soften and shape. If heels or toes feel a bit rough, use a foot file or a pumice stone to gently smooth the skin and any calluses if any.

Step 4:   Give a little massage. Once both feet are dry and treated, apply a dollop of moisturizer for dry skin onto each foot. Massage feet and toes for a few minutes. A foot massager can also be used for this.

Step 5:   Apply a layer of base coat to the nails. Most of us think of applying base coats as pointless, but they are anything but. Apart from ensuring that the nail polish lasts longer, it also acts as a barrier between nails and the nail polish to help maintain the health of our nails. Wait for it to dry and then apply a coat of nail polish. Let it dry completely before applying the next coat. This will make the nail polish last longer.

 Our feet tend to get rough with constant walking, weather conditions and improper skincare. With some regular and daily care we can keep the healthy and clean. Here are steps for Daily Foot Care Routine:

Step 1:  Wash feet thoroughly in the shower or bath. I also exfoliate with this scrub every 2-3 days.

Step 2:  Dry feet with a towel.

Step 3:  Wait at least 10 minutes until you get out of the shower/bath, then rub a large nail file on            calluses with medium pressure for 2-3 minutes on each foot and remove dead skin with a wet cloth. Then dry feet again. With a pumice stone, do this while feet are still damp or wet.

Step 4: Apply cuticle oil to the toenails and cuticles, rub it in with hands. Coconut oil or olive oil can also be used in case cuticle oil is not available.

Step 5: Apply foot cream, put on a clean pair of socks over the cream until it dries.

Step 6:  Wake up with baby-soft feet! Repeat nightly.

Occasional Pampering

Leave feet soaked in warm water for 10 to 15 minutes twice a month. This helps soften the skin. Then rub the feet mildly, dry them thoroughly and apply a Vitamin E rich cold cream. For feet  that are susceptible to infections and inflammations, use an anti bacterial cream.

In our next segment we will share home remedies for foot care other than a routine pedicure for soft, crack free, tan free feet. So keep reading.


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