In order to beat the heat of the scorching sun, in our last article we started identifying some fabrics which are best at fighting the heat. We continue to explore more options that would reduce the sweat and are perfect for Indian tropical weather.

In order to beat the heat of the scorching sun, in our last article we started identifying some fabrics which are best at fighting the heat. We continue to explore more options that would reduce the sweat and are perfect for Indian tropical weather.

  1. Rayon: – An excellent man made fabric made out of wood pulp, cellulose, cotton and other natural synthetic. It has a glossy look like silk fabric, but is inexpensive compared to silk. Rayon has a wow factor, it evaporates the moisture or sweat quickly and remains dry, therefore making one feel comfortable in an extremely hot weather. Also the fabric doesn’t stick to the body which is another advantage of the rayon fabric.
  • Style Tip:
  • Men: Sport a casual, boho look with printed rayon shirt with chinos or khaki. For a cooler look, go for rayon shirt with cargos.
  • Women: For the summer look, prefer floral print rayon dress, tunics with denim shorts. For college going girls, pick rayon tops for comfort and elegance. In ethnic wear pick rayon sarees and salwar suits that would give the utmost pleasant feel in the blazing heat.


  1. Chambray:- An uber cool textile that would give comfort as well as makes one look fashionable. Chambray gives an illusion of denim, so during the sweaty summer mornings, pick the chambray fabric and flaunt in charm. It is woven textile that is lightweight, breathable and long lasting fabric with every wash the fabric becomes softer and thus becoming favourite fabric for the summer.
  • Style Tip:
  • Men: The best way to look dapper and professional at work is teaming button down a chambray shirt with formal trousers, whereas for the boys night out wear the chambray button down shirt with chinos, denim jeans.
  • Women: There are cool ways to look elegant with chambray button down shirt, dress as well as skirts. Wear a chambray shirt with skater skirt, colored pants, and even with hot pants. Pair a chambray dress with a hat and long pendant chain for any casual outing.
  1. Fresco:-Lightweight, tough, breathable and fresh feeling is what one would experience when wearing fresco made apparels on a sunny day. Fresco is derived from the Italian word, affresco which means fresh, the high twist of the material gives ample room for air, making the fresco outfit perfect and extremely comfortable for summer.


  1. Lawn Cloth:- It is a semi sheer fabric, lightweight & baby soft that is woven in linen and cotton giving a feel of smooth texture and will pacify from the scorching heat. The maintenance of the fabric is easy and simple.
  • Style Tip:
  • Men: Lawn Cloth shirts are best for both formal and informal gatherings. Lawn cloth Kurtas are suitable for daytime functions and are perfect for night wear.
  • Women: The famous Pakistani suits are weaved from lawn cloth, adding a charismatic look. Even the lawn kurtas would be perfect for college girls and working women. Pick the lawn cloth palazzo pants for hippie and casual look. From sun dresses to skirts lawn cloth would give a complete refreshing feel.
  1. Lace:- Lace is a stylish summer fabric which is woven in linen, silk, cotton and other fabrics. The close knit pattern makes the outfit will allow proper air circulation
  • Style Tip:
  • Men: Style the ethnic kurta with lace border to make it perfect for functions.
  • Women: Wear lace crop top with denim shorts or lace top with the high waisted long skirt and for a fabulous look. Get lace off shoulder top, skirts, dresses to cool off in the summer heat. Make sure to wear proper innerwear with the lace outfits.
  1. Seersucker:- A cool fabric for the summer that doesn’t need ironing and looks splendid. The puckered and lightweight and preppy fabric is a blessing in disguise. Seersucker is a Persian word, ‘seer’ means milk and ‘shakar’ means sugar. The fabric feels both smooth and granule texture and provides good air circulation and during the sweaty days Seersucker true it’s name sucks away the sweat and gives a breezy feel.
  • Style Tip:
  • Men: Pick seersucker striped button down shirt with plain bottom trousers as formal look or wear a seersucker blazer over a chambray shirt for business meetings. For a beach look pick pastel shade seersucker shorts with printed T-shirt and chill in the summer heat.
  • Women: Doll up in a refreshing seersucker dress, skirts and solid shade top for the brunch party. Pick seersucker shorts and pair it with racer back top and look babelicious. For the beach party, try seersucker swimsuit, to look modish.

Due to the pandemic, it is advised to avoid air conditioning; the clothes made from these fabrics will help us remain cool and comfortable during the hot and humid summers. So keep reading for more….



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