Festival of colours, gatherings and happy hugs comes with corona scare this year. In this context, it is reasonable to celebrate Holi in moderation because mindful social distancing is the key. The best measures towards prevention are good hygiene, particularly hand hygiene and avoiding crowded places.

The other big challenge on Holi is and always will be the Skincare. We have always worried about the havoc all the colors will wreck on our skins. Therefore, as we gear up to celebrate the festival of colours here are a few tips on how to keep both skin and hair protected from the damages caused by the colors. For a problem free post holi clean-up we must adhere to the following pre-holi.

Oiling – The first tip is to oil both skin & hair before we set out to enjoy the festival. Apply coconut oil 25-30 minutes before to hair. Massage the hair from the roots and tie the hair in a braid or bun. This will protect your tresses from being dry and damaged.  Apply almond oil all over the body, especially the exposed areas. Oiling prevents the color from sticking to the body and makes it easier to rinse off color post play. Almond oil being rich in Vitamin E provides nourishment to the skin and protects from any damage.

Sunscreen – This is really important since as we don’t want to get tanned. Applying sunscreen takes off the worry of sunburn. Use sunscreen all over the face and body. Make sure to use it behind the ears as this is the most neglected part.  Use an SPF 50+ sun block cream to ward off the harmful UV rays of the sun.

Wear Cotton Clothes – Avoid wearing denim, synthetic, and silk clothes as wearing such clothes may cause irritation, rashes, and allergies to skin, which may be problematic in between the fun. Wear comfortable cotton clothes. Try to wear full sleeves as this will cover arms, protecting them skin against suntan and colours.

Stay Hydrated – Generally, during the festival, many forget to drink water, resulting in dehydration. And since the festival is mostly celebrated outdoors, one should drink more water to stay hydrated.  Avoiding drinking alcohol and fizzy drinks rather go for coconut water, buttermilk, thandai, and fresh juices.

Lips & Nails – Apply a thick coat of petroleum jelly to protect the color from penetrating the skin of the lips.  For protecting the finger nails, as the color might stain the nail beds,  paint them with the darkest color possible. This will unable the color from seeping inside the nail beds.

Avoid wearing lenses, as spectacles help in might help you avoid getting colours in the eyes. 


Done with playing Holi now comes the bigger challenge of removing the color, we suggest the following:

Use ubtans or homemade face masks or scrubs. Ingredients like turmeric, sandalwood, rose water to nourish the skin from within and can used for long till the color is completely gone.  Use curd, sandalwood, add a pinch of turmeric and white flour in it for ideal face mask.

Use Olive oil to remove the color completely. Apply olive oil on face and body using a cotton ball.

Even after taking precautions in case the skin gets damaged, apply aloe vera gel, cucumber juice, or rose water on the affected areas. This will help to soothe the skin.  Once done playing Holi, use glycerin or an aloevera based soap to remove all the colours. This will moisturise the skin completely after taking a bath.

As much as we love the festival, we hate the aftermath, so follow our suggestions and be happy. Wishing a very happy, colourful and safe Holi to all!! Keep reading for more…



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