The summers of 2021 are certainly different given the current climate with a few socially distanced runway experiences and more intimate appointments and digital events. The past year pushed us to reconnect with our humanity, and in 2021, we’ll see that connection play out visually.

The season has also started winding down, our sartorial attention is therefore, shifting towards discovering what’s next in the fashion universe. With all this in mind, we bring to you check out the biggest color trends that we think will dominate this year:

Illuminating Yellow

The bright yellow hue is meant to evoke hope and optimism after the tumultuous year. Despite being a risky color, yellow has fallen in the public’s taste. This softer hue seeks to bring the comforting feeling of being in the sunlight, while at the same time provoking stimulation of calm and relaxation. This tint will jazz up any ’fit, whether a yellow top, dress, or accessories.

Ultimate Gray

The second color of the year is said to represent dependability, as community and camaraderie became crucial during the pandemic. Good Gray is a fashionable color, associated with sustainability. A minimalistic color trend, that represents the end of the journey, the warming down after an exercise. This nuance brings aspects of minimalism while acting by stimulating centered and calming reactions.

Green Ash

The pastel green color goes along with the increasing trend of gardening, hiking and other outdoor activities that have become more popular during the pandemic. The color is restorative and regenerative and relates to nature. Greens have been gaining ground for several seasons – and in a broader range of hues – the freshest tones will gravitate towards cooler levels

Oxy Fire

Our extrovert color for the season – a fiery, saturated hue guaranteed to spark reactions. It builds on the commercial success of red and orange, with a complexity that fuses elements of both. It energizes and enlivens products and collections. Many brands are working on the fire family color palette to give the upcoming summer a zesty boost and a sense of shimmer.

A.I. Aqua
A.I. Aqua will offer true versatility, working brilliantly in summer and just as amazing in transitional and winter collections. It can look both sporty and trend forward, making it perfect for designs that inhabit the blurred space between active and fashion, and it has a level of saturation that is ideal for aiding focus before intense activity.

Bread Brown

The pandemic inspired many of us to dabble in using our cooking skills in the kitchen for unwinding our passions. The autumn color palette has kick started the season, but it seems to go on to a lighter shade of brown for spring-summer, depicting chocolate milkshake tones, or the shades of bread-baking being the color of the upcoming summer season.

Think harmony, not dissonance, that’s 2021’s color trends in a nutshell. We’ll see lots of single-color designs, muted colors, colors found in nature and palettes that easily blend together. So keep reading…



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