It’s time to say good-bye to winter clothing as the chilly winters have vanished and the temperature is rising fast. Wool is a delicate material made up of the fur of sheep and yak, and therefore they need utmost care while washing and storing or else will lose its color, sheen, shape and softness. Woolen clothes are prone to catching dust and microbes due to moisture. Hence, regular brushing of the jackets and coats is important to keep them clean and germ free for long.

To keep woolen clothes looking as good as the day we bought them as well as protected, it is necessary to follow correct washing and storing instructions. We provide all the essential tips to take care of woolen clothes.

Washing & Drying: The most important thing to consider before storing away the woolens is cleaning & drying them thoroughly and suitably. This will prevent cockroaches and ants and various other insects from dwelling in the clothes.

Woolens don’t need to be washed after every wear. Sweaters, tops, pants and skirts should be washed every fourth to fifth use while scarves and gloves can last on three to four washes per season. Jackets and coats should be washed a maximum of twice a season. Check the label to see if they can be washed or need to be dry-cleaned.  Hand washing, however, is the best way to take care of the woolens this process ensures that there is no lint on wool sweater. For machine wash, set the water temperate to cool and program the machine at gentle wash on a short cycle.

Remember to use a mild detergent which has the Woolmark Certification. Mild soap would keep the essential oils and luster intact in the woolens and maintain its shiny and soft appearance. Use luke warm water to wash the woolens it will kill al the germs and keep it hygienic. Do not forget to turn them inside out before washing them irrespective of hand washing or machine washing.

Never ever bleach the woolens to remove stains and dirt. This would remove color from the wool and make it look old and dull.

In case of vintage animal fur, it is advised to first use a wet cloth for cleaning and then proceed with washing. This way most of the dirt and stain will go away and there would be no need for washing. Gentle wiping helps the fur to stay at stay at their place and prevent them from getting harmed and damaged.

After washing comes the next important thing i.e. drying. To remove excess water after washing, gently roll the garment in a towel. Do not wring the clothes. Instead, gently squeeze out excess water and lay individual clothes on clean towels.  Never hang woolens on a clothesline to dry. The weight of the wet fabric stretches it causing it to lose its shape. Lay the garment flat on a towel and allow it to dry, away from heat and direct sunlight. For machine drying use tumble dry in the dryer. This step can only be performed if the label permits.

Airing woolens and spot-cleaning is another feasible method to ensure cleaner woolens. If accidentally stained, take them to the dry cleaner or wash as soon as possible! It may seem like a lot of work, but remember the money and effort that has gone in acquiring these pieces. Make sure to follow these tips and our favorite winter wear will look great for years!


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