For many people, remote work is the new normal, but it wasn’t meant to last forever. Vaccines are here, bringing hope of the pandemic’s end and return to the old pre COVID lifestyle.

To foster engagement post-lockdown, it’s important to make sure that we are not just physically be ready, but also mentally prepared to return to work. It would be very helpful if we spend some time reviewing our past progress, setting priorities for upcoming goals, and creating short- and long-term to-do lists for ourselves, before going back to work. Just as a bit of stretching can get the body revved up for a physical workout, some simple mental preparation can ensure that we stay engaged when transitioning back to the job. Here are a few tips that can help us to make a smooth transition back to the office.

Start waking up earlier: A big perk of working from home is the ability to avoid a commute, and many of us were taking advantage of this by sleeping in and gotten too friendly with the snooze button. Try waking up earlier to ease back into the old routine. Remember to start this transition earlier rather than later will give us more time to adjust to the change. We would be thanking ourselves in the long run if we slowly start getting back to our old schedule.

Prepare with family: Returning to work will have an impact on everyone in the household. Kids have become used to our working from home and being available to them all the time. Start having open and honest conversations and prepare them to be independent. This will help in navigating this shift in the routine together.

Focus on Mental Health: With so much news surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic, it can be daunting to return to the office, especially to work in a busy city. In order to make the transition back to the office easier, make sure to manage the stress. Take some time to participate in an activity that can help relieve anxiety such as exercising or taking a walk around the neighbourhood or meditate.

Communicate with your Team Members: Transitioning from working from home to going back to office can be tough. That is why it is so important to practice transparency and strong communication with the team members during this time. We are naturally social beings and we don’t cope well with isolation. Communicating with team members, setting up new goals will make one feel excited about returning to the office!

Be patient and flexible: Expect the company protocols in place to shift over time. New information and changing conditions, sometimes through trial-and-error, will require the company to adapt. Manage the expectations with patience and flexibility so that each time something changes, we don’t become irritated or nervous. More often, it’s a positive sign when organizations are open to learning and improvement, even if they must do it as they go.

Do remember that the virus is still in the air, therefore always wear the mask and maintain social distancing. Carry your lunch from home if possible. Wash your hands on reaching office and keep sanitizing after short intervals. Be safe and keep reading for more…








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  1. Prachi Rastogi February 22, 2021 Reply

    Very Informative. Thanks guys. Looking forward to read more….

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