In our last article we covered the various jeans trend prevalent in the 90s and are making a comeback. As tastes change and generations draw inspiration from previous decades, it’s no surprise that some of our current trends are a mixed bag of past decade’s fashion trends.  Below, we explore classic fashion clothing and accessories trends that have made a comeback.

Skinny straps. Feminine dresses with skinny straps are ideal for special events. It looks like this trend is coming back alive. Wear such ensembles during hot summer days or cover the shoulders with a cozy cardigan during spring chilly mornings.

Cropped Tops or jackets Long sleeve crop top looks awesome paired with high-rise black-white vertical striped trousers. One can rock it on an evening date, concerts, parties, as well as to outdoor brunches.

Matching Sets and sweat suits can still be worn around the house and they also work well for social settings, too. We enjoy amping up these pre-planned looks with a chunky pair of white boots, a blazer, layered necklaces, or a peek-a-boo turtleneck. This can be easily created by a similar monochromatic vibe with pieces in the same colour family.

Maxis This dress style has always been one of the most versatile. Heading out on a summer night, throw it on with sandals and go. Going to a wedding, dress it up with jewels and heels. However, we’re all for testing out a few advanced layering techniques, like styling them over pants or a mesh turtleneck.

Voluminous Sleeves and Shoulders A voluminous dress creates the perfect one-and-done look and puff-sleeved tops quickly make leggings, jeans, and even sweats feel fancy.

Coolest accessories of the 90s that will trend in 2021.

Shoes “Flatforms are stacked platform heels that have an even rise from back to front.  They provide the perfect mix of style and comfort.  “Chunkier heels” will start to pop up on loafers and dress shoes in 2021. Chunky sneakers are perhaps the most amazing trends that have reinvigorated during the last one year or so. These sneakers are designed with low weight and thick heel. These shoes look very trendy and classy and go with everything. Other comfortable shoe styles like mules and slip-ons, will also continue to be popular.

“Choker Necklaces” These necklaces were seen in various colours in the past, and now these have been redefined to match the trend criteria of today’s times. They go with almost all the outfits in your wardrobe and make your neck look elongated.

Shoulder bags This is one of the easiest trends to get started with Choose a more structured shape for a retro feeling that combines the best of the decades.

Cool khakis, cargo pants, biker shorts, denim jackets, bandana, head scarves, tic-tac hair pins, scrunchies, oval sun glasses, colours like neon are some of the 90s fashion trends that we would be wearing in 2021. So keep reading…


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