At the start of the pandemic, many of us found it easy and natural to imagine a time when all of this would be over. We all were patiently waiting for a vaccine that would help us in resuming our normal life styles when society’s recreational life resumed, when friends and family welcomed us into their homes with hugs and kisses.

Even after a COVID-19 vaccine is developed and deployed, the “normal” is still a far fetched dream as the corona virus is likely to remain for years to come. There are numerous reasons we still need to wear masks even after vaccines become available, some are listed below:

It may take months or longer to get vaccinated. The full roll out of vaccines across the country will not happen overnight, despite all the support. Its transportation and storage, presents significant challenges for reaching everyone who need a vaccine, because if they thaw too soon, they can lose their effectiveness.

Vaccines may require one or more boosters to provide maximum protection. Another shot may be required after a certain period of time. No will know where anyone else is in their vaccination schedule, and therefore how well protected they are.

It won’t be known who has or hasn’t been vaccinated. It will be impossible to vaccinate everyone at the same time. Individuals in higher-risk groups may be prioritized over others. Therefore, masks would still be needed to protect oneself when around others.

We don’t know the vaccines’ effectiveness. Experts say masks will be needed well into the future, despite vaccination, because no one yet knows whether vaccinated people can have asymptomatic cases and spread the virus. It is still unknown how fast immunity might fade or whether booster shots will be needed after the initial two-injection course.

We don’t know the duration of vaccine protection. Because the vaccines are rolling out so quickly, we will not have any data on long-term protection. It can take months to years to fully understand the long-term effectiveness of the vaccines.

How much time will depend on 1) how much spread is already occurring in your community; 2) how well people around you are following public health guidelines; 3) how effective the vaccines are, and 4) how many people actually get vaccinated.

Mask works like a fabric vaccine. They have contributed tremendously in controlling the spread of the disease Corona. Cloth masks are proven to protect from harmful microbes, pollutants, dust, etc.

The health protocols put in place to tackle the corona virus disease (Covid-19) will stay for a long time and all of us will have to keep wearing masks and follow the social distancing norms even after a vaccine is available. So keep safe and keep reading…


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