Diwali, The Festival of Lustre, is knocking on our doors. The festival brings peerless exhilaration and ecstatic spirit among the peeps.This festival means triumph of light over darkness, of good over evil and of hope over despair. In recent years, however, extravagant celebrations have not only done a great deal of damage to the environment, but have also endangered people’s health.Our environment is now in dire need of help so this Diwali season let’s do our bit to save it from all kinds of pollution (noise pollution, plastic pollution, air pollution etc).

This Diwali we are combating two devils one pollution and second the corona virus. To avoid the two we all should shun crowds & crackers and celebrate a really “Green Diwali”. It should be an eco-friendly affair this year.Here we have come up with some ideas to encourage all of us to celebrate Eco-friendly Diwali in a stupendous way. Let’s take an oath to celebrate Diwali Festivities without Crackers to reduce the effect of Global Warming and to minimize the factor of Noise and Air Pollution all around.

Don’t use polluting lights

Don’t use candle or earthen lights as they burn out oxygen and are a cause of Carbon dioxide emissions.  Go for LED lights as they use 80% less energy than regular lights to celebrate pollution free Diwali. Electric lights also do not add to pollutant gases.

Decorating the house naturally

Avoid using festive lights to decorate your house. Use fresh flowers such as marigold, jasmine, roses and lilies for decoration to suit the festive ambience in place of gaudy streamers and electric lights.

Organic over Chemicals

Use organic colours to make rangolis, make simple designs for fun.Use organic incense sticks as well as fresh flowers. Stay away from synthetic room fresheners.

Diwali Gifting

One major tradition of Diwali is exchanging gifts. Try wishing near and dear ones  with green plants. Plants not only express the feelings of care towards someone, but they help to combat air pollution after Diwali. Gift beautiful greens like peace lily, philodendron plant, spider plant, china grass, snake plant, and others which are excellent air purifiers.

Let’s Explore the Culinary Skills

We all brushed up our cooking skills during the lockdown. This is the best time to reveal our accomplishments to friends and family by preparing sweets at home. This will also help in stopping the virus from entering our homes.

Use Technology

Get in touch with your near and dear ones over video calls and do pujas and other celebrations together virtually.

Let’s do our bit for the environment. Ditch the crackers and take a step towards better health and a better future. Happy Diwali!


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