COVID-19 continues to disrupt the world. The fashion industry has also been hit hard by the pandemic, just as every part of daily life. What we wear both clothes and make-up all therefore need to be reviewed. The trends of fashion have a taken a big turn towards affordable fashion trending styles and outfits. The Fashion boom has grown to become steadily slow for the seasonal styles and basic needs of clothing as well.

From shopping high-end couture to higher brand apparel, the trend has shifted to move on to sustainable clothing and organic clothing pieces. Buying clothing and fashion pieces that last for longer is the key to save more than before. Buying pieces like basic Tees, Pants which may be styled over and over again is what the trend is shifting towards.

Styles and trends of fashion in the budget is what the people will be looking out for since the economic prosperity  has dropped. Investing in fashion will never end until there will be a supply, the only difference is the budget range brands have a huge change of acceptance now since the pandemic.

Styles worn to Work or Office Fashion has undergone a huge change as work from home or limited staff norm are followed in most of the offices. Choosing Plains or Solids overprints and pattern or neutrals over new trending colours and the print patterns is being seen for work wear fashion. Active wear is in demand as people are mostly at home and avoiding outings, etc.

Trends and Styles for Indian Festival Wear during the Pandemic will also take a shift. Looking at the financial conditions currently, customers will be buying lesser for festive wear than before. Styling the same pieces with a change of new additions of budget festive wear will be trending. Sarees and salwar suits in silks, choosing cotton, and linen kurta sets over the designer trends are to be seen this year during Indian festivals.

Budgeted Indian Wedding Wear Over Designer Wedding Wear is the most recent trend of the pandemic. The cost of weddings has declined drastically and shopping for Indian weddings has grown to choose mid-range wedding wear than high-end designer wear. Saving more during weddings, styles of lehengas, sarees, salwar suits, or sherwanis for weddings. Designer wear which can be restyled or reused and worn for other occasions and weddings is also a trend to grow rapidly.

Increased Online Shopping for clothing is the safer way to buy.   The percentage of online buyers has rapidly increased for clothes after the pandemic. From casual wear shopping online to Indian fashion shopping for festivals and weddings, all have become much more easy and convenient for consumers.

With chances of pandemic getting over in near future  still looking far fetched, in our next segment we will talk about major changes in fashion and beauty trends post pandemic. So Keep reading!!


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