In the pandemic prevailing scenario most of us are encouraged to work from home and video conferencing is a useful  and effective means of communicating and conducting our work.  

Video conferencing allows two or more people in different locations to work together by hearing and seeing each other through their device, using a video conferencing tool or platform. This is being used for one-on-one meetings, small team meetings, sales pitches, client calls, remote conferences, remote education, online learning, training, and so much more.

A stable internet connection is the most important aspect of video conferencing. This should be stable as well as have fast internet connectivity. If the connection is slow, it will affect the conference adversely with visual disruptions and inconsistent audio.

Selecting a good video conferencing software aids in facilitating proper business communication.

Sharing of an agenda prior to the conference should normally be included along with the meeting invitation. This will enable the guests to understand the reason why they have been invited and also they will be able to prepare appropriately. Distributing a material via email or in the office will also be a smart idea.

Keep time zones in mind when participants are from different countries, considering the fact that the world has become globalised, ensure to pick a time that will work for everyone involved. It is very important to keep time zones in mind, while sending calendar invitations.

Mute yourself when not speaking as with several people on a call with unmuted microphones, the background noise can be extremely distracting. As a common courtesy to others, always mute the microphone when not speaking.

Never speak at the same time, when there are lots of guests in the same conference. Practice patience and refrain from speaking while others are expressing themselves. It is suggested for the host to hold his queries until the end so that everybody gets an opportunity to voice their opinions. It is up to the host to manage the conference in order to make it successful.

The last but not the least, keep in mind that it is a formal setting and therefore dress accordingly. Wearing too many multicoloured outfits is not recommended during a video conference.

Appropriate lighting & clean background are other factors that must be kept in a video call.

Participants will want to see your face as they’re talking to you.

At present, an increasing number of organisations are resorting to video conference and as a result, the workers must be prepared for these types of meetings. Try to keep the above-mentioned video conferencing do’s and don’ts in mind to make subsequent video conference successful, which will help increase the efficiency of the meeting and also avoid any undesirable situation. Keep Reading….


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